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    The School Day and Assemblies

    School Day:


     08.45 - 09.00

     Period 1

     09.00 - 09.40

     Period 2

     09.40 - 10.20

     Period 3

     10.20 - 11.00


     11.00 - 11.20

     Period 4 

     11.20 - 12.00

     Period 5

     12.00 - 12.40


     12.40 - 13.30

     Period 6

     13.30 - 14.10

     Period 7

     14.10 - 14.50

     Period 8

     14.50 - 15.30

    On Wednesday school ends at 14.50 after period 7.

    Our school week is 33 hours and 05 minutes. This does not include the extended curriculum.

    Assemblies - Main School, 08.45 - 09.00:

    Monday Whole School
    Wednesday Year 11

    Year 8

    Year 9


    Year 10

    Year 7 

    Sixth Form Assemblies take place weekly every Monday from 11.20 - 12.00.

    Assemblies at CSG are an important feature of school life. They are one of the many ways by which we come together as an entire school community and are a significant focal point for the week. The main intention of assemblies at CSG is to affirm the identity, culture and ethos of the school. They are a crucial time for reflection; enabling students to develop their learning of values, empathy and aspirations. Assemblies actively celebrate the diversity of the school population. They are used to address important issues and occasions on a local, national and global level, as well to celebrate, share and reflect on school life and achievements. Teachers and students are active participants in assemblies, demonstrating leadership as well as organisation and presentation skills. The rich and broad programme reflects the contributions from across the school community.  


    Date Topic Lead
      Autumn Term 2021  
    7 September Welcome Back Ms Law
    13 September Get to know your new Headteacher Ms Law
    20 September PE Department Ms Devine
    27 September Music Department Mr Byers
    4 October National Poetry Day Ms Fearnside
    11 October Black History Month Mr Gunn
    18 October Pink Week Head Girl Team
    25 October Half Term  
    1 November Eco Schools and COP26 Ms Toman/Mr Gregan
    8 November Remembrance Day
    Mr Gunn
    15 November Headteacher Assembly Ms Law
    22 November Head Girl Team Head Girl Team
    29 November Jack Petchey Speakout Winners Ms Brown
    6 December Art Department Ms Heyes/Ms Warner
    13 December Personal Safety PC Loizou
    17 December Christmas Assembly Part 1 and Part 2 Mr O'Connell/Ms Derrar
      Spring Term 2022  
    10 January Welcome Back Ms Law
    17 January Geography Department Mr Evans
    24 January Holocaust Memorial Day

    Ms Maggs/Ms Ellis

    31 January Poetry Competition Winners Ms Fearnside
    7 February LGTBQ+ History Month Ms Maggs/Ms Ellis
    14 February Half Term  
    21 February Classics Department Ms Maguire
    28 February World Book Day Ms Green
    7 March National Careers Week Ms Toman
    14 March Mathematics Department
    Mr Howard
    21 March Sixth Form Senior Prefects Ms Camillo
    28 March ICT Department Ms Man
      Summer Term 2022  
    18 April Easter Monday - no assembly  
    25 April Welcome back Ms Law
    2 May Bank Holiday - no assembly  
    9 May Mental Health Awareness Week - Loneliness Ms Maggs/Mr Aronsohn
    16 May Head Girl Team Election Hustings Ms Derrar
    23 May Science Mr Semsedini
      Half Term  
    6 June Technology Ms Ronayne
    13 June Meet the Head Girl Team Ms Derrar
    20 June Art Exhibition - no assembly  
    27 June Special Activities - what is it? Ms Green
    4 July Year 9 Public Speaking Winners Ms Fearnside/Ms Farrow
    11 July MFL Ms Benzina
    18 July School Musical - no assembly  
    20 July Special Activities Presentations Various - Hosted by Mr Flynn


    Previous Assemblies - 2020-2021

    Date Topic Lead
      Autumn Term 2020  
    14 September Welcome Back Ms Kitcatt
    21 September PE Department Ms Hamilton
    28 September National Poetry Day
    Ms Fearnside
    5 October Black History Month Mr Gunn
    12 October Online Learning Mr Graham
    19 October Pink Week Head Girl Team
    26 October Half Term  
    2 November Music Department Mr Byers
    9 November Remembrance Day Mr Gunn
    16 November Kindness Assembly Ms Toman
    23 November Head Girl Team Ms Derrar
    30 November World Aids Day Ms Tani
    7 December Human Rights Day Ms Tani
    14 December Jack Petchey Speakout Winners Ms Ronayne
    18 December Christmas Assembly Part 1 and Part 2 Mr Cottrell-Boyce/Ms Derrar
      Spring Term 2021  
    11 January Welcome Back Ms Kitcatt
    18 January The Geography of COVID-19 Mr Evans
    25 January RA Young Artist Competition

    Mr Penny

    1 February First Aid Week - Physical Health Ms Maggs
    8 February First Aid Week - Mental Health Ms Maggs
    15 February Half Term  
    22 February National Careers Week Ms Toman
    1 March World Book Day Ms Green
    8 March International Women's Day Ms Charlesworth
    15 March Mathematics Mr Howard
    22 March PE Lockdown Wall of Excellence Ms Hamilton
    29 March Classics-Women in Ancient Athens Mr Deary
      Summer Term 2021  
    19 April Earth Day Ms Tani
    26 April Welcome Back Ms Kitcatt
    10 May Head Girl Election Hustings Ms Derrar
    17 May Mental Health Awareness Week - Nature Ms Tani
    24 May e-Safety Ms Gill
    31 May Half Term  
    7 June Meet the Head Girl Team Ms Derrar
    14 June Technology and Pandemic Ms Ronayne
    21 June MFL Ms Benzina
    28 June Pride Month Head Girl Team
    5 July Art Exhibition: GCSE and A Level Mr Penny
    12 July Goodbye from Ms Kitcatt  Ms Kitcatt
    16 July End of Year Assembly   -   PE Interform  


    Previous Assemblies - 2019-2020

    Date Topic Lead
      Autumn Term 2019  
    9 September

    Welcome Back - celebration of results and achievements

    Ms Kitcatt
    16 September CSG Poetry by Heart Competition / National Poetry Day Ms Gwinnell
    23 September Music Showcase Mr Byers
    30 September PE Department Showcase Ms Devine
    7 October Black History Month Mr Gunn
    14 October Pink Week: Breast Cancer Awareness Head Girl Team
    23 October Half Term  
    28 October Duke of Edinburgh award Mr Doyland
    4 November Jack Petchey Speak Challenge - winning speeches Ms Alvardo
    11 November Remembrance Day Mr Gunn
    18 November Inspiring Girls   Ms Toman
    25 November

    Head Girl Team: What have we achieved so far? 

    Head Girl Team
    2 December

    Art Department - free to see in London

    Ms Warner
    9 December Poetry Writing competition winners Ms Fearnside
    16 December Geography Department - reasons to be cheerful Mr Evans

    20 December


    Christmas Assembly Part 1

    Christmas Assembly Part 2

    Mr Cottrell-Boyce

    Ms Derrar

      Spring Term 2020  
    6 January

    Welcome back: Highlights of 2019

    Ms Kitcatt
    13 January Acts of kindness Mr Graham
    20 January Music Department Showcase Ms Gordon
    27 January

    Classics Department: Inspirational women from the ancient world

    Ms Maguire
    3 February

    First Aid Fortnight (Physical first aid)

    Ms Maggs
    10 February

    First Aid Fortnight (Mental Health first aid)

    Ms Maggs
    17 February Half Term  
    24 February

    Careers: The six principles of career choice

    Ms Toman
    2 March World Book Day Ms Green
    9 March British Science Week Mr Semsedini
    16 March

    Mathematics Department: The joy of maths

    Mr Howard
    23 March

    Sixth form Head Girl and Head Boy: Review of the year

    Sixth form Head Girl and Head Boy
    30 March

    ICT Department: The dangers of cyber crime

    Ms Man and PC Cale
      Remote Assemblies  
    21 May Things to do in half term Ms Toman
    9 June Head Girl Elections 2020  
    17 June Is IT or Computing educating you now? Ms Man