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    Extended Project


    The Extended Project Qualification offers students the opportunity to explore, develop and deepen their understanding in a topic area of their choice. For many students, this means identifying a topic that they have already touched on in their A Level studies, but would like to explore further. EPQ projects can include:

    • An extended report (5000 word) – an essay or investigation
    • A piece of creative writing
    • A film
    • Design of a product or article of clothing
    • Website design
    • Another agreed format

    The project and topic is often one that relates to an area of study the student would like to pursue at university. The EPQ is a good way to demonstrate not only that you have excellent independent study skills, but that you are seriously interested and committed to an area of study. Although the EPQ is absolutely not essential for a successful UCAS application, many universities have indicated that they will view the EPQ favourably. The EPQ assesses a whole learning process, and in this respect is very different from coursework. The stages are:

    1. Identify an area of interest and refine your title
    2. Identify a course of action for research and development of your topic
    3. Write/make/produce your final piece
    4. Write a report outlining your research and development process
    5. Present your project

    The project is expected to entail approximately 120 hours of work by the student. It is at all times the responsibility of the student to meet deadlines and complete the appropriate documentation, although guidance is provided through taught sessions and meetings with an assigned supervisor. All meetings, sessions and deadlines are compulsory. Students must be willing to accept these expectations when they decide to begin a project, as failure to meet these conditions will result in students being unable to continue with the programme.