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    ​​​​​​​​​100 Club​

    Honorary Members:

    Fiona Millar - journalist and campaigner on education and parenting issues

    Dame Emma Thompson DBE - actress and writer

    What is the CSG 100 Club?

    The CSG 100 Club is for alumni who want to stay in touch with and support the school. It is called the 100 Club because we request a minimum donation of £100 per year (just £2 per week) to help support the school in all it offers to all pupils.

    Why is it so important?

    At the moment, in the 2020's, government funding does not even cover the essential costs of running the school.

    So, we have had to reduce some of the extras which you might well have benefited from when you were at CSG. We have reduced the number of plays, concerts and trips. We have also had to rely on donations for sports equipment, materials for the science and art departments and to maintain classrooms and buildings.

    What is in it for you?

    We are extremely grateful that CSG alumni are joining the 100 Club and donating to the school in our latest initiative.

    It is important to us to recognise your support and show our appreciation for your generosity.  We will publish a list of 100 Club members each year on Founder's Day and on our website to show our gratitude and to acknowledge your ongoing support.

     Over the course of the year, new members of the Club will be added to the alumni mailing list and will receive invitations to our key events - including Founders Day, School Concerts and Plays, the A Level Art Show and the annual Alumni Afternoon Teas at the school - a special time for our old girls and boys to reminisce.