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    International Debating

    We are pleased to announce that Year 13 student Bluebelle has been one of 5 students nationwide selected for Team England for the World School’s Debating Championships in Mexico City in July. 

    This is the first time a student from our school has been selected and she is the only student on the team from a non-selective state school, likely due to the fact that restrictions on school budgets means many state schools have cancelled their debating programmes. Many thanks to Mr Gunn for ensuring that all students at CSG get the opportunity to debate!

    The World School’s Debating Championships is the most prestigious debating competition for school-aged debaters and 50-60 nations gather each year to compete. The motions discussed cover a wide array of contemporary issues, with past motions including ‘This House Believes that, after meeting their basic needs, individuals have a moral responsibility to donate their wealth towards poverty alleviation’ and ‘This House would deny tax-exempt status to religious institutions that refuse to appoint female leaders’.

    Team England came 1st in 2016 and so we wish Bluebelle the best of luck in helping to secure England another win!