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    CASCA News

    It goes without saying that this past school year has been one of the most challenging in recent history, and we take our hats off to the amazing staff and teachers who have taken on so much extra to make sure CSG students continue to receive an excellent education in tough times.

    Quick update on the GreenUp Campaign
    Thanks to your donations, and in close consultation with the school, CASCA has bought new benches and picnic tables, basketball hoops and a table tennis table, as well as lounge seating for the Sixth Form outdoor areas. While we have invested in some planting and ‘greening’ of the site, we haven’t been able to invite our parent garden volunteers back on site yet. We are working with the wonderful CSG groundskeepers to forge a way forward to plan for greening projects in Autumn 2021, when there is hopefully more flexibility. Thank you to all those parents that have expressed an interest already in being a part or regular ‘greening’ support for the school--we will be in touch.


    Endings and Beginnings
    We wave goodbye to Ms Kitcatt and thank her for her dedication and devotion to the school as well as her support of CASCA over so many years. We wish her very well in the future.

    The arrival of Ms Law as the new Head Teacher of CSG in September, and celebrating the school’s 150th anniversary, will mark a new era at the school. It’s our hope that this will also be an opportunity for CASCA to bring closer together parents/carers, staff and the larger Camden community to benefit the school.

    Since we are unable to host our annual SummerFest this July, we’re aiming to host a ‘Welcome Back Better’ event early in the Autumn term to reconnect with families and carers and share our plans for the future, so watch this space.

    In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved with forging a new path for CASCA’s support of CSG, either as a potential volunteer for future events, or to act as liaison for your class or year group, or any other ways you would like to stay involved… just email to get in touch.

    Wishing everyone a healthy and fun summer break.

    Your CASCA Team
    (Sally, Serena, Richard, Maia, Mary and Laurel)