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    Solutions Not Sides

    On Thursday 17 June, Solutions Not Sides came into CSG to talk to Year 9 and Year 10 about the Israel-Palestine issue.

    The girls had done some work in PSHE beforehand on understanding the history of the issue and the perspectives of both sides. In the workshop, girls had the opportunity to discover more about Israelis and Palestinians in the form of a short video about the lives of two individuals and their views on the issue.

    Then those two individuals joined the session on Zoom, from Israel and Palestine!

    Students then submitted questions live and the speakers answered them. Some questions included:
    "How much willingness do you find amongst Israelis and Palestinians to talk to each other?"
    "Do you think that criticising the Israeli government is anti-Semitic?"
    "How does the occupation affect your day-to-day life in Palestine?"

    Overall, the students enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to learn about the issue and to discuss it more.

    Ms Maggs
    History Teacher
    PHSE Co-ordinator