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    Sixth Form News

    As part of campaigning to become a senior prefect in the sixth form candidates are asked to raise money for one national and one international charity chosen by the students themselves.

    This year, after a very successful campaign, the current year 12 senior prefects raised £355 for Black Lives Matter and the same amount for Freedom for Girls UK.

    We received a message of thanks from BLM (below) and we are very proud of how outward looking and generous our sixth form students are.

    "How kind and thoughtful of the students in 6th form. How so very pleasing it is to have Camden School supporting their students, young adults who are socially impacted by world injustices and somehow want to be part of change.
    So many children and young people just want to live in a society where everyone is equal, in communities where everyone belongs and are included, and where racism doesn’t stand in their way.
    Please pass on our HUGE appreciation and gratitude to all the students in the 6th form, sending many thanks to supporting teachers wanting to make progressive moves to support students in changing the world for the better. Extremely proud of young people who are actively acting now so in the future, in their life, their family, and what will be their own children's lives and who may be the beneficiary of the action and contributions made to racial justice, changes of culture for equality, justice and unity for their tomorrow’s in creating an equitable, just and fair world for all people to live side by side.

    Kindest regards to all
    Black Lives Matter Team"


    Olivia Camillo
    Head of Sixth Form