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    Mental Health – Weekly Tip

    Active Listening

    When we’re going through a hard time and try to talk to someone about it, it can be very frustrating when we feel that we aren’t being listened to. Sometimes people offer a solution straight away or dismiss the issue like it’s no big deal. They might think they’re helping, but actually it makes us feel like our feelings aren’t important (and we might do it unintentionally to others too). All anyone wants is to have their feelings validated and this can happen through Active Listening:

    1. Validate feelings – acknowledge their feelings without judgement, e.g. by saying: “That sounds really upsetting” (no matter your opinion on the matter)
    2. Give full attention and eye contact, avoid distractions e.g. put your phone away
    3. Be patient and comfortable to sit with their feelings – moments of silence don’t have to be filled
    4. Just be there – we don’t have to fix the problem, just giving your time to listen is enough